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Causes of Brain Injury

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The brain is a delicate organ in the body. A blow to the head can cause significant damage that is sometimes hard to recover from if you recover at all. There are many causes of a brain injury. If you are injured in an accident or incident that is no fault of your own, consult with an attorney to try to get the compensation that you deserve for lost time at work as well as medical compensation that you deserve. The damage that is caused by a brain injury depends on the severity of the impact and the location of the impact in the brain. 

Signs, Symptoms, and Impacts
There is a possibility that the damage to the brain will be limited to the area directly beneath the point of impact. This could mean that you don’t experience a significant change in your health, but it could also mean that a stroke occurs or other impacts that change your life depending on the exact area that is damaged. If the impact is hard enough, then it can jolt other areas of the brain instead of just those that are beneath the point that was hit. Sometimes, the impact is hard enough to shift the brain inside the skull. This can cause bleeding and tearing of areas of the brain. If there is an object stuck in the brain, then damage could be irreparable, which could mean death or being in a coma until life support is removed. Bleeding and swelling are common with brain injuries. Sometimes, surgery can be performed to relieve these issues, but it’s still a process that could result in a loss of basic functions.

What Can Cause A Brain Injury?
Unfortunately, there are several actions that can cause a brain injury. The simplest fall could result in damage. You could fall when you get into the shower or tub or when you get out of bed. Falls from heights often result in traumatic brain injuries as well, such as falling from a ladder or falling down steps. Falls often cause more damage to children and elders because their brains aren’t as protected from incidents of this nature like teenagers and middle-aged adults are. 

Car accidents are also a common cause of brain injuries. You can hit your head in several ways during a car accident. Pedestrians are also at risk of brain injuries if they are hit while walking on the side of the road, on a city street or even crossing at a designated walkway. Motorcyclists sometimes see more brain injuries if they are involved in accidents because there isn’t as much protection around the head as there would be if the driver is in a car or another vehicle. 

Acts of violence are unfortunately among the most common ways that brain injuries occur. Examples of violence include hitting someone in the head with a hand or a hard object, gunshot wounds or shaking someone to the point that a brain injury occurs. Shaken baby syndrome is a way that parents and other caretakers sometimes cause injuries to babies and young children. It could be intentional or accidental depending on the situation. 

If you play sports, it’s important to wear the proper protection for the head so that there is a decreased risk of an injury. Most sports have at least some kind of risk for getting hit in the head by either an object or a part of the body, such as a hand or elbow. Soccer, basketball, and football often see higher numbers of brain injuries because of the speed involved and the methods of playing on the field or the court.

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