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I Broke My Leg In a Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident; Can I Recover Compensation To Pay For Future Surgeries?

Where a traffic incident involves a vehicle striking a pedestrian, injuries can be extensive and long-lasting. For that reason, a civil suit stemming from such an accident often involves damages that are slightly different from those suffered in accidents involving two or more vehicles. The issue of being covered for medical expenses is a primary …

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Los Angeles Malpractice Attorney?

When people are sick, they seek medical attention from professional doctors and hospitals. They are helping to recover from injuries and illness with the help of these professionals. In spite of this, situations arise when a healthcare provider, either through acts of commission or omission, causes harm to the patient. If such a scenario plays …

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How Long do Los Angeles Nursing Home Injury Lawsuits Take to Settle or Go to Trial?

How long will it take Los Angeles Nursing Home injury lawsuits take to settle? It will take a period of eighteen months to two years. But it will also depend on the type of the case. If it is complicated, it will take a considerate time, while if it is not complicated the time required …