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Can I Sue a Landlord Or Property Management Company if I Am Bit by a Dog?

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A bite from a dog is fatal and can lead to death. You should file a claim against a property management company or landlord if a dog has bitten you. The law requires you to claim compensation from the dog’s owner to cover medical bills and handle the other issues including physical suffering or permanent disability. If your property was damaged during the incident, filing a lawsuit will help you to replace those properties. A dog’s bite is considered personal injury. Before filing a lawsuit, you should be acquainted with the following facts about personal injury.


Facts about Personal Injury


Personal injury law comprises of many scenarios: Personal injury is not limited to car accidents. This law entails a situation where a person negligently contributes to another person’s injury. For instance, a personal injury occurs when a tenant has been bitten by the landlord’s dog. You should file a personal injury claim when another person has hurt you negligently. Besides a dog bite, personal injury law covers bicycle and motorbike accidents or slip-and-falls that was caused by medical malpractice or defensive products.


Insurance companies only provide you with compensation funds for damages: Insurance companies are not your allies even though they provide you with compensation funds for your damages. In fact, they will not be excited with the personal injury claim. They might even undervalue your case if they find an opportunity.


Seek proficient legal representation: Personal injury individuals tend to have many medical bills to settle. It is, therefore, proper to seek a competent lawyer to represent your personal injury claim so that you can receive the insurance funds. A qualified personal injury lawyer understands the overall personal injury law, the amount of trauma from the injuries. Therefore, they can undertake clear communication with the insurance company’s representatives and convey the details of your injuries.


Successful personal injury claims are time-consuming: Time is an important factor when aiming to win a personal injury case. It is understandable when you are in a rush to clear medical bills and the other bills at home since you are unable to work. However, if you want to win the case, you should be patient with the preparation of the personal injury lawsuit, which typically takes months. The preparation involves gathering documents to determine the extent of the injuries, taking testimonies from responsible parties, and organizing evidence that will convince the insurance company to resolve the case.


Personal injury cases are different: Personal injury cases require separate approaches of investigation and litigation. An experienced personal injury attorney handles each case differently and considers every detail. This is because two similar circumstances can turn out into two different cases. For instance, one case can be settled easily while the other case can end up in a trial. A case’s success is usually dependent on a person’s perception and personality.


Personal Injury lawyers do not require immediate payment before handling a case: Unlike the other attorneys, personal injury lawyers do not demand immediate payment. They work on a contingency basis where they require payment after the case has been represented successfully. However, they take roughly about 33 percent payment for their efforts if you lose the case.


Most personal injury lawsuits are settled outside court: Personal injury attorneys often negotiate with the defense to reach a reasonable settlement. However, the case is taken to court if the defense seems uncooperative and refuses to agree on the amount of settlement.


You can receive money for physical injuries and emotional injuries: Personal injuries tend to have traumatic experience and emotion distress as well as physical disability. Additionally, personal injury accidents can lead to post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and psychological injuries. Even though the emotional injuries are hard to prove, it is important to seek assistance from personal injury attorneys to assist you to get the entitled settlement.


In conclusion, you should consider hiring a skilled personal injury attorney to help you get a reasonable settlement from the defendant. The landlord or property management company is liable for your injuries and the damaged properties. You should also be aware of the important facts about personal injury law before filing the lawsuit to prepare you in tackling the case.

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