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Can I Still Recover Compensation For My Injuries If I Was Injured In A Hit-And-Run Bicycle Accident?

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When hit and run bicycle accidents occur, for instance with motor vehicle collision, the bicyclists lie on the disadvantaged side as they have little to protect them from fatal injuries. It’s more inhuman still when the motorist speeds away with no regard of the injured bicyclist rendering double victimization. In a case where a cyclist is injured in a hit and run accident, a feeling of having no recourse to receive any financial compensation for the injuries develop, but luckily enough the bicyclist got options to console them.

Most law firms are conversant with all types of bicycle accident cases including those which involve a hit-and-run driver scenes. They help to conduct investigations on the matter of the victim and help find the offending motor vehicle. Also they enable the uninsured motorist access and claim with the auto insurer. Using the provided procedures and protocols, the law firms through their learned lawyers can help the bicyclist get financial compensation for the injuries. The following step by step procedure determines the position of compensation exercise.


Duties of a driver involved in the accident


Drivers have roles to play when accidents happen: informing emergency services, mostly when the injury involved in the crash is well known. If the accident is severe, then the police must be notified immediately. And lastly, drivers involved should exchange contact and insurance information so that relevant action is done by the insurance covering the vehicle. In case the driver leaves the scene before fulfilling this procedure then its counted as a hit and run case which is illegal and liable for consequences.


Finding The Driver or Person Responsible For A Hit-and-Run Bicycle Crash


At this era, it is difficult to escape with crime in the current technological world. A wide range of tools and resources have been deployed to monitor road activities than never and for law enforcement to catch hiding criminals. The initial step in any hit and run bicycle accident is to seek help of the nearby local police to help track down the driver of the vehicle involved. Police will investigate the accident occurrence and find any valid evidence to aid them rich the perpetrator through involving witnesses and any cell phone camera footage of the incident, utilizing street cameras, getting vehicle descriptions among others. The cyclist got the assurance that police will find the culprit eventually even if under a speculation that nobody witnessed the committed crime. Filing of the incident is crucial to enable authorities to do their job


Uninsured Motorist Insurance Protecting Injured Cyclists


Though the police can make a successful exercise of tracking down the person responsible for the accident and left the bicyclist injured, they may be able to be compensated for the injuries sustained through their own auto insurance policy. In a scenario where the motorist is uninsured, the uninsured motorist coverage will take care of the pills in a hit and run accident although bicyclist was riding the bike when the accident occurred. When the vehicle driver is fault in the hit and run accident, most comp0anies will compensate for the injuries of the client who was riding the bicycle involved in the accident scene.


Compensation For Injured in a Hit-and-Run Bicycle


In a hit and run bicycle accident even if the driver is caught or the cyclist harnesses his insurance policy, the insurance company is bound to pay for the damages done. Insurance industry like any other business institutions are out there to make profits hence will stand for the minimum amount they will consider as suitable for compensation. In a fatal accident with injuries, there exist many unforeseen costs which the company doesn’t cover hence need to have legal assistance on the victim side to ensure they receive the financial compensation they deserve.


Summing up, hit and run accidents can tend to be complex since there is a demand for evidence and many legible defendants in running the case can get away without being unidentified. Hence raising a hard situation of acquiring contact information crucial to the accident. Nevertheless, several options exist to enable the client to receive the compensation he deserves. In cases of hit-and-run never forget to start by informing the police and getting a trustworthy lawyer to help through the case effectively.

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