Can Someone Sue You For a Car Accident If You Have Insurance?

Getting involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, and resulting injuries and property damage can create significant stress for survivors. Getting sued after a car accident, however, can add even more stress to the equation.

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Can you be sued if you have insurance?

The simple answer is yes. You can be sued after a car accident even if you have insurance. There are many reasons why you could face charges after getting involved in a car accident, including:

  • If it is proved that you were responsible for the car accident and you live in a fault state
  • If the other party feels that you should be responsible for any damages or injuries arising from the accident
  • If you caused the accident intentionally
  • If you have insurance, but it is not sufficient to cover the damages

Should you be worried?

You should not be overly concerned about a lawsuit lodged against you since your insurance coverage can cover your legal expenses and compensation for any awarded damages. Personal injury and property damage insurance should be enough to ensure that you do not incur any further financial loss from your accident.

Your insurance company should pay for your lawyers to defend you against the lawsuit if you are sue. Contact a legal expert immediately after a car accident. An attorney will play a crucial part as they will advise and take you through the legal process that may arise if you get personally sued for the accident.

What to do after getting in an accident if you have insurance?

There are vital procedures for you to follow after getting involved in a car accident. These steps will ensure that you protect yourself after the accident and help you in obtaining the necessary assistance if there is a lawsuit filed against you.

  •   Do not accept responsibility at the scene of the accident
  •   Immediately call the authorities
  •   Call your car accident attorney
  •   Notify your insurance provider

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

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