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Can I Only Be Compensated For My Medical Bills If I File A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

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Many bicycle accident victims are not aware that they can receive compensation for their injuries after the bike crash. The settlement of bike accident differs according to the bicycle accident. If you get a bike accident without your fault, you are eligible to get compensation. For you to get the compensation, you need the help of an attorney so to win the case. Determination of payment for a bike crash is only possible when some factors are taken into consideration. Let’s see how the compensation for bicycle accident is figured out.


How is bike accident compensation figured out?


Calculating compensation for a bicycle accident is a complicated process, which depends on damages. Damages are costs and suffering you have encountered as a result of the crash. These can be monitory damages like medical bills or loss of hiring a car when your bike is out of commission. Nevertheless, there are also non-monitory damages such as pain and suffering you get as a result of an accident, loss of life enjoyment due to injuries. Therefore in case you file the claim for bike accident, the argument is looked depending on financial damages and non-financial cost.


Economic Damages


Economic losses are simple to calculate because they are linked to the medical bill, wages, and other concrete monitory costs. The losses are limited to the charge that you may pay as a result of an accident, such as repair bills or hospital bill. Economic damages also entail future losses you may encounter as a consequence of the bike crash. For instance, the cost that may deter your ability to work.


Here are some of the monitory damages that you can get compensated:.


• Hospital bill


• Lost salary


• Loss of ability to do household chores


• Destruction or Loss of personal property.


• Expenses of replacement and repair of your bicycle.


• Cost of things that you cannot do because of injuries.


Those damages are usually calculated by considering things like your receipts, pay slip or medical bill.


Non-financial damages


People lose so much more than finance when they are involved in a bicycle or car accident. Apart from medical expenses and time off work, there many ways that you continue suffering every day as result of a crash. For instances, you may not be able to do your household chores or exercise due to chronic pain. Non-monitory damages are a way of compensating the losses you encounter that are not included on the receipt. The non-economic damages differ from one person to another depending on demands of an individual case.


Non-financial damages include:


• Suffering and pain


• Loss of life enjoyment


• Emotional distress


• Loss of association


With the help attorney, you will be able to understand where your non-financial damages fall into this category.


Pain and suffering might be seen as similar to the loss of life enjoyment. But the fact is that the two terms are different when you apply the law. Pain and suffering entail pain, emotional trauma, and discomfort, because of the bicycle crash. On the other hand, life enjoyment involves negatives effects to your living style or inability to engage yourself with your hobbies.


How can you get a fair compensation?


For you to get fair compensation for your injuries, you need to hire a competent lawyer to represent your case in the court or to the insurance company. Here are two vital factors to consider before hiring attorney for your claim.


  • Find a lawyer who has experience of bike accident compensation.

When contacting the Law firm to discuss your claim, you should prove that they have an advocate on-board who has the experience of dealing with cases similar to yours. These will help you to save time just in case the firm does have a bike accident attorney who can represent you well. Therefore hiring a lawyer with experience and knowledge of bike accident claims is necessary.


  • Choose a bicycle crash Attorney with high success rate

The rate of success involves the percentage of some cases that attorney wins. If the value of success is high, that lawyer may have experience and knowledge of bike accident cases. But this not always a valid indicator of the lawyer’s ability. Some advocates take more challenging and risky claims than others. However, it is still a credible criterion to tick off. Ask the attorney you speak with their success rate.


In the event of bicycle accident compensation, file your claims with a competent lawyer who understands how payment is figured from both economic and non-economic damages. Consider the above two factors to choose an expert lawyer.

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