Brain Injury Auto Accident Case Valuation

As with other types of lawsuits, there are five steps to estimating the value of a potential lawsuit. Below are some of the specific issues that pertain to brain injury cases and how the valuation is calculated that we use as traumatic brain injury attorneys in Los Angeles.

•It is noted that more than half of all traumatic brain injuries sustained in the United States happens during car accidents.
•The average cost of getting brain surgery is around $100,000 per procedure.
•The typical length of stay at a hospital for someone undergoing brain surgery is a little more than nine days. However, some patients might have to leave weeks or months later depending on how they are recovering.
•Most brain injuries will result in extensive rehabilitation sessions with experienced medical professionals. For many patients, this can cost in upwards of $1,000 each day.
•The total cost of medical expenses directly related to brain surgery can cost around $200,000 to $300,000 in the first year alone.

What Are My Treatment Options?

When traumatic brain injuries are suspected after a car accident, victims and witnesses should contact the nearest emergency medical services as soon as possible. Time is the most critical factor for the success rate of the victims’s recovery. It is also extremely important that the victim continues their treatment and follows the directions of the treating doctors closely. In some cases, it may be necessary to re-learn skills and get rehabilitation to further develop some coping mechanisms in order to re-enter back into society following recovery of a traumatic brain injury.

Financial Burdens

Using the above statistics, it is simple to see how quickly the financial burdens can rack up for someone who has had a severe brain injury that results in surgery. Because of this, getting financial compensation is necessary to help cover the necessary treatment and medical care along with time missed from work or other investments. This doesn’t even cover the intangible losses. Brain injuries can come with a multitude of intangible damages including suffering, pain and loss of your normal day-to-day life.

In comparison to other types of car accident injuries, brain injuries can lower the quality of a person’s life. Juries will typically be generous when it comes to compensation to cover both the loss of money and intangible losses. When following the procedure to estimate what your car accident injuries might be worth, keep in mind that those are just hard numbers and the intangible losses are going to ultimately be higher for brain injuries.

Legal Assistance For Individuals Or Families Coping With Car Accident Brain Injuries

Reputable law firms always appreciate that brain injuries as a result of a car accident can have a major impact on a person’s life. It can also have a huge impact on the family members as well. The compensation needs to be enough to cover all losses associated with the injuries caused to the victim because of someone else’s negligence.

What Determines The Value Of My Claim?

Like stated earlier, there are many factors which will contribute to the value of your brain injury case. Some of the main factors will include special damages such as loss of earnings, medical expenses and future medical costs. The liability of the party who is at fault in the accident will determine how much their insurance will cover. General damages for pain and suffering will account for the largest portion of the claim valuation. Traumatic brain injures can have huge costs. The nature of the accident and the permanency and duration of the brain injury will weigh very heavily on the value of the pain and suffering aspect of the overall accident claim.