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Los Angeles, CA Bicycle Products Liability Lawyers

It was 1860’s France that gave our culture the term “bicycle,” but the first bicycles actually appeared much earlier. In fact, the earliest incarnation of the bicycle was called a laufmaschine and was created in Germany in 1817. The bicycle itself has a colorful and playful history in the United States and continues to be a reliable, generally safe, and fun mode of transportation that allows people to inject exercise in their day while still accomplishing something practical (getting from one place to another). For the majority of people, the bicycle is a safe, fun method of transportation, as long as the bicycle is constructed properly and is made with sturdy, tested parts.

In a perfect world, every bicycle manufacturer would make sure that all the parts of its bicycles are safe for consumers. They would meticulously test each bicycle to ensure its safety and no “bad bikes” would hit stores. This is the kind of world that we hope one day people will live in. As long as there are profit seekers, though, there will always be those negligent companies who churn out product after product without much thought to quality testing or safety features. As personal injury lawyers, we’re appalled at the negligence of some bicycle manufacturers and parts makers. Just for the sake of saving a few dollars, they’ll often skip recommended safety testing or refrain from adding safety parts that might make their bicycles less likely to malfunction. It’s an unfortunate reality in the consumer world and one that we hope will one day change.

We’re a comprehensive bicycle products liability lawyer that looks into cases where bicycle companies fail to make safe products for their customers. We can think of nothing more disrespectful than introducing a product that would put a customer’s very life at risk. It’s shocking at how many companies do this on an annual basis, but we’re glad to be able to represent our clients in a courtroom and bring them both justice and financial compensation for their injuries. Anyone who is in an bicycle accident should contact a lawyer to see if the bicycle they were on might have contributed to the accident itself. Most customers don’t even think of this after an accident. They wonder what the first party did to cause the accident or what they themselves did, but they don’t often turn their focus on the bike itself and ask, “Did this brand of bicycle contribute to my accident?”

We’re here to answer that question for you. Bicycles are a popular product in the United States and they always will be. As long as there are people willing to buy bicycles, there will be companies who take shortcuts with their products and attempt to sell less safety for more money. Some safety features on bicycles can be expensive to produce and some bike parts are expensive to produce. When this is the case, a company might negligently try to save money by making parts of lesser quality that have been proven to be unsafe for their cyclists. If they do so knowingly and willingly, you might just have a winnable lawsuit to pursue.

If you believe that your bicycle in any way might have defective parts on it or that the bicycle itself might have been dangerous when you bought it, then we’re the people to call today. You’ll quickly find that our legal experts are able to help you in your lawsuit. We’ll take all of the facts of your accident or your experience on your bicycle and let you know if you might have bought a bicycle that was unsafe to use. If this is the case, you could be looking at big time monetary damages awarded to you. Don’t let a company that didn’t care about you keep you from seeking justice. Call our offices today and set up a free consultation about your bicycle products liability case.

Our staff here is compassionate, friendly, and most importantly, successful at what we do. We will get you a bigger award in less time than any law firm around. That’s because we have handled these cases for decades and we know what the court needs to see to award your damages. Call us now.