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Beach Drowning & Accident Attorneys

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The enormous emotional pain that accompanies losing a family member to a beach drowning can’t be explained in words. It’s something that only the victim’s family will understand as they work through all of the stages of grief and attempt to find some type of closure from the incident. A big part of that closure will be pursuing any legal measures that will prevent someone else from losing their family member due to a beach drowning caused by negligence. What constitutes negligence is usually determined by a skilled lawyer who can investigate the circumstances of the drowning and determine if there was any negligence on the part of a resort or beach officials.

Keep in mind that many of the vacation resorts in cities around the world intentionally position themselves to be closer to the beach. And it makes good business sense. People love to take walks along the beach, go swimming in the ocean, and enjoy days in the sun with their families. It’s okay for resorts to make sure that they are located close to a good beach so that they’re more likely to get customers. What isn’t okay is when they do not install enough lifeguard personnel and safety measures to ensure that their patrons are safe during their time on the beach.

Many people mistakenly believe that just because the ocean isn’t owned by any one business that those businesses don’t have a responsibility to protect patrons who might use the ocean’s beauty and adventure for their vacations. In reality, every beach needs to have ample lifeguards on duty to ensure that swimmers are safe and sound during their adventures. When a beach fails to do this or a resort purposefully advertises itself as being located near a certain beach, they also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone in the area.

A short staffed lifeguard team might result in a senseless drowning. When this happens, impassioned lawyers take on the case to make sure that justice is done. They’ll investigate all the facts of the case and then go to work filing the type of lawsuit that will make everyone safer in the future. When someone drowns because there weren’t enough lifeguards on duty, it can be of tremendous help to future swimmers to pursue a lawsuit that holds the resort or beach accountable for its negligence.

Beach drowning and accident attorneys listen to the facts of your case and the many damages that the incident has brought into your life. We realize that many times our clients are the voice of the true victims in this case (the person who lost their life because of a resort or beach’s negligence). It will be the survivors who pursue the case and fight for justice so that another person doesn’t ever have to lose their life due to the negligence of a business owner who didn’t do enough to protect the people who pay his living. Our attorneys are extremely skilled in these areas and have decades of combined experience in dealing with beach drownings and the aftermath that they leave behind.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to file your lawsuit. There is always a statute of limitations that will prevent you from pursuing legal recourse if a certain amount of time has passed before you take action. In any accidental death, you have only a certain number of years to file your case. The longer you wait, the harder it is for attorneys to get the full facts of the case. We talk to witnesses, business owners, other victims, and anyone else that was present on the day the drowning occurred. It’s our job to get to the heart of the case as soon as possible so that we can get the justice your loved one deserves.

If you or someone you know has lost a loved one because of a beach drowning, please call or write to us today. We can’t take away the pain that you’re experiencing, but we can make sure that the people who are responsible will be held accountable and we will fight for justice without asking for a dime from you until we win your case.

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