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Bakersfield Motorcycle and Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you live in the Bakersfield area, then you know just how well it lends itself to riding a motorcycle. The Southern California sun beats down on you and your group as you ride. The roads are open and full of possibilities. You are even just fifty miles down the road from Sequoia National Park and other great landmarks. Southern California also has, however, some of the highest rates of incidents between motorcycles and other vehicles in the United States, however. Most of these incidents are due to negligence as well, meaning that they can happen to anyone.

According to the Department of Transportation, there are over 7,000 motorcycle accidents in Southern California annually, and with more motorists on the road each year, that number is likely to rise. This equates to about 11,000 people that were injured from these crashes. If you are familiar with motorcycles at all, you know that these accidents can be debilitating. In fact, of those approximately 11,000 injuries, almost 500 of them were killed in their accident. So what should you do if you or a loved one are involved in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence? You should call a Bakersfield motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyer.

What Can a Bakersfield Motorcycle/Bicycle Lawyer Do?

These lawyers specialize in working with insurance companies and other parties to get you compensation for your injuries or loss. They know that you are probably drowning in hospital bills, doctor’s bills, rehabilitation bills, and much more if you were involved in an accident. Let’s face it, getting better is not cheap after you have been in a crash. Bakersfield motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyers will make sure that you get money to cover all of these expenses.

Personal injury lawyers can also help you in the case of lost wages. Most of the time, after you are in an accident and have to be hospitalized, you are unable to work for a certain amount of time. Depending on how bad your injuries are, this could be anywhere from a week to several months. This means that your family will be without a steady income for possibly the greater part of a year. For most families, this will just not work. If you have been in an accident, you are probably feeling even more pressure. As the hospital bills are coming in, your ability to pay them is going away. A lawyer can get you compensation for this as well.

If you have been in the unfortunate circumstances where your loved one has been killed in motorcycle accident, a personal injury lawyer will fight to get you what you are owed from the other driver’s negligence. They know that money will not bring your loved one back, but it will help to relieve some of the suffering that your family is going through. If your loved one is still with you, there is likely to be pain and suffering that the family is going through. Being in an accident and the ensuing aftermath is stressful. You can get compensation for your pain and mental anguish.

The El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers

When it comes to a personal injury lawyer, you only want the best. The lawyers at the El Dabe Ritter are just that. These lawyers are extremely well-connected in Bakersfield and will use their resources to get the evidence they need to build your case. They also know all about the little changes and nuances of the legal landscape in Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. This means that they can go about making your case more efficiently than a different hot-shot lawyer from LA. Every city in California has different codes and laws, and the lawyers at El Dabe are aware of this.

After they build your case, they will fight to get compensation for you based on the negligence of the other drivers or motorists. They will get your case done quickly, since they know your life does not stop just because you were in a crash. They have already won millions in compensation for several of the members of the Bakersfield and surrounding communities. The El Dabe Law firm can help you get back on your feet with compensation from your motorcycle/bicycle accident as well.

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