Auto Accident Facial Injury Valuation in Los Angeles, CA

All auto accidents leave a lasting imprint on a person’s emotional state. First of all, car accidents are scary events. They cause someone to suddenly and frighteningly lose control of a situation. For some people, it will be the scariest thing they ever experience in their life. For less fortunate victims, it will be the scary final moments of their life. During our time fighting for the rights of car accident victims, we’ve witnessed many things that have strengthened our commitment to make sure that no one should ever have to suffer through the aftermath of a car accident without legal advice. Why? Because insurance companies fight just as hard to deny you your rightful compensation and negligent drivers fight just as hard to get away with their despicable actions.

Facial injuries are among the most devastating of all the injuries we’ve encountered in our years as personal injury lawyers. Whether it’s from burns suffered during the crash, impact on the dashboard or windshield, or scarring from windshield ejections, we’ve encountered many heartrendingly tragic instances where negligent drivers changed the life of a victim in a single second. Picture someone racing down the road far above the speed limit, cheerfully texting friends on the way, before suddenly encountering the victim on the road. Everything stops in that moment and a life is about to change forever. It’s something that happens everyday in this country. We wish it didn’t.

Our clients who have facial injuries from car crashes come to us for the best legal representation this country has to offer. We proudly stand by them every moment of the way. A facial injury valuation is our way of investigating their accident and the resulting injuries before deciding just how much compensation to ask for. In reality, no amount of money is ever going to give someone as much as they deserve. You can’t put a dollar amount on the confidence that comes from having a face that isn’t scarred from burns. You can’t put a dollar amount on the kind of agony that comes from suffering through the accident that caused those burns either, or the security and sense of safety that existed before the car crash. We can’t give our clients those things back, however much we wish we could. What we can do is make sure that the person who is responsible pays dearly for what they’ve done to our innocent clients.

A facial injury valuation will be one of the first things we do in the case because it gives us a clear idea of what our client endured during the accident and after it. Later on, the information obtained from the valuation will be used to make sure that the negligent driver responsible pays for their negligence. Courts need to see the significance and extent of the damage in order to award the large dollar amounts that we get for our clients. What we must create is a powerful testimony of the amount of suffering and pain that our clients faced during the crash and more importantly what they will go through in the future.

Unlike other types of injuries that might be hidden, a person’s face is always visible. It’s the first thing people see when they talk to another human being. Someone whose face is injured will often have permanent scarring on their face. This is significant to courts as well. When the damage is permanent, courts often award larger dollar amounts. The reason is obvious. When you’re injured in a way that is permanent, your quality of life is going to be drastically reduced. There are some things that simply don’t heal and facial injuries are often one of those things. Reconstructive surgery is sometimes needed to give someone even a semblance of a normal life. So it makes good sense that facial injuries will often garner larger awards.

If you’ve suffered a facial injury during an auto accident, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll make sure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation you need to recover as much of your quality of life as you possibly can. Our consultation is completely free and our LA car accident attorneys are passionate about this work. Please call.