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Attorneys Prosecuting Negligent Lifeguards

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Lifeguard jobs aren’t a coveted position and we all know just how good a job most lifeguards do when protecting the lives of people who depend on them. In an ideal world, every lifeguard would take their job seriously and go above and beyond in their duty to protect swimmers that they’re responsible for. Unfortunately as any accident lawyer knows, we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a world of constant distractions and even lifeguards can become negligent in their duties despite the life threatening nature of any negligence on their part. A negligent lifeguard could cost a child or adult their life.

That’s one of the reasons that our accident firm takes negligent lifeguard cases so seriously. We know that the work we do will not just get justice for someone who was the victim of a negligent lifeguard but our work will help to make swimmers safer in the future. We’ve all read the horror stories of negligent lifeguards who become so distracted on the job that they literally fail to notice someone drowning almost right in front of their eyes. Maybe they walked off “for a few minutes” to talk to a friend. Maybe they got distracted by their phone. Maybe they were simply very tired and not paying a lot of attention to the area they are in charge of. For whatever reason, there are times when a negligent lifeguard will cost someone their very life.

Picture a beautiful day at the beach. Everyone is splashing in the water and doing what they’re supposed to do at the beach: Have a great time! Suddenly, a child wanders into the water and for reasons that might be hard to discern at first, they begin struggling in the water. In our ideal world scenario, the lifeguard instantly notices this and rushes into the water to make sure the child is pulled back to land safely. The majority of the time, this IS what happens. Lifeguards are charged with protecting someone’s life while the person swims, and most of the time lifeguards do a great job doing this. But sometimes, something goes wrong. Whatever reason the lifeguard has for lapsing in his duty, there are times when a person will drown while he’s on duty and this is when attorneys step in to prosecute negligent lifeguards.

Sometimes the lapse in duty results in injury. Remember that near-drowning can cause severe injury, including permanent brain damage. Lifeguards who fail to do their duty should be forced to answer for these injuries in a courtroom, and that’s what OUR duty is to the public. We are here to make sure that these negligent lifeguards are held responsible for procedures they’ve failed to follow or for outright distraction at work that might cost someone their health. A permanent injury might mean lost wages for the rest of one’s life, and that’s scary. We hope that the idea of a passionate accident attorney out there waiting to protect you will give you more peace of mind.

If a lifeguard has failed to do their duty and you or someone you love was injured as a result of this, then it’s time to give our accident lawyers a call. You won’t find a better set of lawyers to have on your side in one of these cases. We’ve been passionately speaking for the victims of negligent lifeguards for decades now, and we intend to continue speaking for the victims because often times they can’t speak for themselves. We encounter a startling number of children who are a victim of these accidents. Children especially need the protection of adults and professional lifeguards when they go into the water to play. Any lifeguard that fails to monitor a group of children playing near water should be held responsible for this failure to protect a child’s life.

No matter what the circumstances are behind your accident and encounter with a negligent lifeguard, please give us a call or write to us today. We will go over the facts of your case with you, interview witnesses, assess the damages you’ve sustained, and then strategize a plan to win your case in court. Call today for help.

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