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Attorneys For People Injured Due To Vehicle Ejection

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It’s a shocking fact to know that over 9,000 people are ejected from their vehicles each year and die as a result. Naturally, they don’t eject for no reason. There’s a very traumatic car accident that causes the ejection. Sometimes it’s an equipment failure, such as when a seatbelt breaks and fails to protect someone who is wearing it. Not every ejection from a vehicle case will be the result of negligence, but more often than not, a car crash so violent that it ejects a person is the result of some type of negligence.

Types of negligence in these cases

When someone is ejected from a vehicle, there is a high chance that a death will occur as a result of the car crash. Even if the person lives through the accident, there will likely be severe injuries to the head, neck, and spine areas of the body. Any attorney will tell you that an ejection case is going to be one of the most difficult to look at during an investigation. The injuries sustained in this type of crash are horrific and are something that no human being should have to suffer from. These types of cases can be a result of many different types of negligence, including:

– A drunk driving who hit someone head on and paid no attention to the road or the other lives on it

– A drowsy driver who knowingly got behind the wheel of a car when he or she was extremely tired

– A distracted driver who was texting or talking on the phone while they were driving and simply not paying attention to the road

– A reckless driver who was speeding well beyond the speed limit and not paying enough attention to the road

All of these types of drivers cause grave injuries on the road and unfortunately they’re the reason that accident attorneys will never have a lack of clients. The injuries sustained in an ejection case usually result in death or injury so severe that it will affect the person for the rest of their lives. The victim who lives may never walk again, have a job again, and require constant medical attention or even be institutionalized in a nursing home for the rest of their life. It’s always tragic and any good accident lawyer will tell you that they would prefer to get NO cases of this type if they had a choice on how to make drivers behave the way they should.

Unfortunately, it’s a reality that drivers are always going to take the lives of other people in their hands when they behave carelessly on the road. No matter how much a lawyer might wish it wasn’t the case, it just is. Someone will always come to our office to tell the story of a relative who was ejected from their vehicle and killed instantly. Or they might tell the story of how they’re taking care of a relative paralyzed in one of these ejection cases. While we wish there were no cases of this sort, we accept that there is. And when someone brings one of these cases to us, the first word on our mind is: JUSTICE.

We want to get justice for the victim in the case, whether they were killed in the accident or continue to live in an injured state. We want to talk to the family who was affected and do our best to tell them, “We’re here and we will make sure the person who did this is held responsible.” We look at every single facet of the case, interview witnesses, and then let our potential clients know if we believe they have a case that can be won. We don’t even accept a dime for our efforts unless we WIN your case. We get money if you do. If not, that’s on us. This is our rock solid commitment to the people who come to us for help in these tragic cases. If you or anyone you know is suffering as a result of one of these violent car crashes, please contact us. We’re going to go to bat for you and win!

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