Los Angeles, CA Attorneys for People Injured in Car Towing Accidents

Even though towing is popular, it is risky. Each day, truckers deliver new vehicles to dealerships, pick up disabled vehicles that have broken down along the highway, and transport automobiles between locations. Moreover, moving vans and trailers are rented to tow a vehicle to homeowners’ premises. During the warmer seasons, vacationers tow horse trailers, campers and boats. Towing vehicles shares the roadway with other motorists. Even though these vehicles rescue broken down and stranded motorists, they have caused numerous towing accidents on the nation’s streets, roadways and highways. If this is a type of accident you have been involved in, call our towing accident lawyers in Los Angeles today.

Causes of Car Towing Accidents 

These accidents are caused by poorly inspected vehicles or inattentive drivers. Since most tow trucks are larger, they may cause devastating accidents in case of a traffic collision. These cases are beyond the control of motorists or passengers. The view of such trucks is inhibited by the vehicles that they are towing. There is a high likelihood that the mechanisms of the towing vehicle may malfunction. When making illegal lane changes, drivers may swerve unnecessarily. This way, the towing trucks may cause the towed trailer to jack knife, thus posing danger to other road users. While pulling a boat, a trailer or another vehicle, towing trucks cannot adeptly turn or stop relative to a vehicle that is not pulling anything.

Car towing accidents may have occurred when you are in the towing truck or while besides or behind the vehicle. When the towed part becomes loose or flips during a tire blowout, the contents of the same may have spilled on the road, thus causing an accident. Traffic safety experts contend that adding a trailer to a passenger vehicle increases the chances of a roadway accident. When such accidents occur, they take the lives of many innocent victims besides injuring many others.

Some of the causes of such accidents are reduced maneuverability and rearward visibility. Even with additional precautionary measures when backing up or changing lanes, and mirror extenders, the nature of trailers makes them susceptible to rearward visibility. Brake failure, constricted radius turning space, defective tires, poor weather conditions, overheated engines and transmissions occasioned by excessive weight are other causes of towing accidents.

Injuries Caused by Car Towing Accidents 

When another vehicle is being towed, the front vehicle usually has additional weight load. This weight increases the propensity of the driver to lose control, thus causing fatalities, injuries and extensive damage of properties. Car towing accidents results in severe injuries. The most common injuries are dental, disfigurement, broken bones and fractures, burns and lacerations, contusions and concussions, neck and back injury, and whiplash. The others are injuries caused by seat belts, injury to the ribs and torso, herniated discs and spinal cord injury, organ damage, and internal injury.

Any person who suffers any form of injuries occasioned by a towing vehicle is allowed to seek compensation for any losses, pain and suffering, and damages. By enlisting the services of tow truck injury lawyers, you are guaranteed of knowing the responsible parties. These experts ensure that you get adequate compensation.

Filing a Claim for Compensation 

In most towing accidents, negligence by other drivers or commercial truckers is cited as the major cause of the same. To this end, there is a high likelihood that the towing companies will try to limit the liability that they seek to pay out for the driver who is at fault by applying exculpatory clauses. To prove that the driver was at fault, the victim will have to reconstruct the scene of the accident by gathering pertinent evidence and speaking to eyewitnesses. This process is intricate. It is for this reason that it is advisable to enlist the services of personal injury attorneys who have vast experience in handling towing accident claims.

In any car towing accident, it may be complicated to determine the parties that were at fault. This is because of the additional negligent factors caused by other parties that could have resulted in fatalities or injuries. Other than the driver, roadway maintenance crews, the owner of the towing vehicle, product manufacturers, other motorists, vehicle maintenance personnel and rental companies may be enjoined in the towing accident lawsuit. If your loved one has died or suffered injuries from a towing accident, you should consider speaking to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who will fight aggressively to protect your right and seek for financial compensation from all the involved parties.