Los Angeles, CA Attorneys for DHL Truck Accident Injuries

Truck accidents are dangerous as they can cause serious injury. According to statistics, they are the most dangerous accidents on the road.

Many accidents have been reported over the past year that involved either DHL trucks or other commercial delivery trucks. Although sometimes it is negligence on the part of the truck drivers, in other cases it is harder to determine who is liable. This is where our Los Angeles truck accident lawyer comes in.

New York is a business hub which means that commercial trucks are coming in and going out on a regular basis. This makes truck accidents common. Drivers have to travel long hours with little or no rest just so they can get to their destination on time.

Potential Injuries with a DHL Truck or Other Commercial Vehicle

Injuries that can be sustained include brain injuries and burns. Many trucks carry flammable materials and on collision, they might explode and result in fires affecting some or all the cars involved in the accident. Internal organ damage, broken bones, dislocations, skin lacerations, injuries to the face and eyes and chronic pain are also some of the injuries that can be sustained. In severe cases one or more people could die. Some people get post -traumatic stress disorder and psychological trauma as well.

Types of Commercial Vehicles

DHL Personal injury lawyers do not specialize only in DHL truck accident cases. They can also represent individuals in other cases involving commercial vehicles that are as large in size as DHL trucks.

Tankers carry liquid cargo and usually pose a serious threat if safety measures are not followed properly. However, in some instances, negligence can result in fatal accidents on the road.
Trailer-Trucks. These trucks are as big as big as the DHL cargo trucks, but combine a trailer to the main head of the truck. This poses the risk of detaching from the main car and rolling off to motorists driving behind the truck.

Dump trucks are used to transport construction material like sand, usually in a hinged box, and this can cause a lot of damage if it detaches from the main truck.

Attorneys handling DHL truck personal injury cases are able to handle personal injury claims involving any of the above.

What is the State Trying to do to Reduce Vehicles Involving Heavy Commercial Vehicles?

The State of New York has a Motor Carrier Safety Assistance program whose main role is to ensure that safety inspections are conducted at various checks along major highways.

Their job is to remove unsafe loads, unsafe trucks, and drivers who are negligent or unqualified for the road so that motorists are safe.

What Happens if Anything Wrong if Found?

If a defect is found on the vehicle, it will be put off the road until the owners repair the vehicle. Additionally, they could be charged anywhere from $1000 to $5000.

Once a driver is stopped, they are required to stop their car and cooperate with the inspector or else they will be considered in violation of the law and could be charged. Each car has to bring back a report to the state within 15 days showing that the repairs were done. This is usually done through mail.

It is tempting for drivers to drive for long hours non-stop as they can log in more hours and earn more money. However, they are required by law to hold a logbook and stay within a maximum drive period. If a driver is found to be in violation of any law or regulation, they could be dismissed from service or charged a penalty.

Inspectors look for several things such as the driver’s driving license and a medical certificate if applicable. They also check for logbooks, alcohol or drug use, possession of drugs or alcohol and if the driver and any other passengers are using their seat belts.

The vehicles are thoroughly inspected for leakages, labels, illegal cargo and more. Lighting devices should also be in place for every commercial vehicle on the road such as headlights, marker lights, stop lights and clearance lights. Other things like vehicle tires and wheels and body components are well inspected.

All of this is done to ensure that all commercial vehicles and their drivers are roadworthy and do not endanger the lives of motorists. However, an accident can happen and when it does getting a good lawyer to make sure you are well-compensated is all you need.