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Alhambra Motorcycle / Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle and motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries, even fatalities. Cyclists and bikers face unique circumstances when sharing the road with other motorists. For one, motorists have visibility problems when it comes to cyclists and riders. There is also the fact that a bicycle or motorbike does not provide the same protection that a traditional car does. You cannot count on seatbelts, airbags, or headrests to lessen the blow of a crash. Even though bicycle/motorcycle cases have some similarities with car accident ones, it is still advisable to get an attorney in Alhambra who has the relevant experience.

The Need for a Lawyer

Bike accidents take many forms, with some being more frequent than others. Accidents at intersections are some of the most prevalent. A rider can also crash on an open car door or get hit by a reversing car among other scenarios. In California, “a person riding a bicycle or operating a pedicab on a highway is subject to all the provisions and has all the rights of a driver of a vehicle by this division” (CVC 21200). Whatever the type of accident, you have to establish negligence when filing a lawsuit. Such processes are not usually straightforward; hence, the need for a specialized lawyer. An attorney has to adhere to the bicycle specific laws in California when making a claim.

Another aspect that will help your case besides proving liability is the preservation of evidence. After a bike accident, you should take photos of the scene for documentation. However, this may not be possible if you are in a serious condition. The role of a lawyer here is to help gather as much primary evidence as necessary. It is why you must call for an attorney as soon as an accident occurs. A lawyer will also take proof of the damages to the bike, which is usually a part of the claim.

Anything that the victim says to an insurance company can be used in the case. You must be careful about the communications with an insurance adjuster or any other representative. When you are lying in a hospital in pain, it is easy to say things that may work against your claim. An attorney will handle all the communication aspects of an insurance company. Your lawyer will also advise you on what to say when it is necessary to do so.

How We Can Help

At El Dabe Law Firm, we have lawyers who work specifically with motorcycle and bicycle cases in Alhambra. Even when the guilty party has insurance, filing for compensation is not easy, which is where we come in. Our years of experience working in California have given us an edge that most insurance companies recognize. You may be tempted to handle a compensation claim yourself, especially when an insurance adjuster seems worried about your case. Remember that the aim of insurance companies in any claim is to pay as little as possible. Our role is to guarantee that you don’t get sandbagged when you least expect it and lose your compensation.

A bicycle/motorcycle accident case may take a short amount of time if the injuries are not serious and the facts of each case are simple. However, claims that involve catastrophic injuries take a long time to heal or leave permanent damages that may take a considerable recuperation time. We take the time to analyze a case so that we can build a strong claim and prepare for any defense that the other party may present. Regardless of how long it takes, our Alhambra bike injury lawyers will work with you fervently.

A Lawyer for Your Type of Injuries

Accidents involving bicycles or motorcycles can lead to a variety of damages. The sustained injuries in such accidents fall under different classes, and an attorney can help explain the intricate details. Some injuries can leave you unable to work, and a lawyer will claim loss of future earning power in such a case. Some other categories of damages include past and future medical bills, past and future emotional suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, past/future wage loss and many others. It is imperative, though that a case receives proper handling to maximize the value of compensation; hence, the necessity of a motorcycle/bicycle accident lawyer.

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